Brett and Marshall closure scene (v1.1)

Usage: This scene sees Marshall leave Earth, he is healthier but feels deeply drawn to depart for his true home, where he has never been as yet, nor has he met his family. Full interstellar astral travel is now possible in the Messianic Age for qualified beings, but only to places that one is feeling drawn to go… and those yearnings are fulfilled. He does not need to use the portal, which has been deactivated anyhow.

This precedes the final scene on Tarnu.

Note: this Irish clan prior to this point were all deeply influenced by the soul rebellions – those rebellions are now dead and there is a consolidation across the multiverse of victim groups to return home and healed.

Marshall: It’s time.
Brett: For you to do you. [gets up from log, pic 1. For music vibe see clip above (Jhyve).]
Marshall: If you love somebody you set them free [sheds a tear – looks up to the sky. Nebulae and galaxies are now visible in this age. pic 2]
Brett: Always
Marshall: Thank heavens the chaos-makers are all gone!

Clan member 1: [to Marshall] We were led to you by clairvoyance.
Clan member 2: And we don’t know where you’re going.
Clan member 1: the Draconus star system perhaps

Marshall: Oh no, I think I’m leaving this universe. A portal has opened in my own mind [grimaces at the deactivated portal on ground]
Brett: Thanks for having me. [pic 3]
Marshall: And thank you everyone. Bye Bretty and friends. [waves and starts meditating, the clan circle him and meditate with him too. He disappears.]

Clan member 1: Just in time for the Sunday roast [they all laugh]

Marshall reappears on his home planet. Pic 4.

9:25: Who do you think it was that brought the Draco into the universe? It wasn’t the Dracos. The fallen souls were responsible for bringing the Draco into this universe. They would start to create a portal, they would go into another universe, they would entrap the beings that were there, and they’d pull them into this universe, and they would dump them here. And this was very much the fallen souls that did this. Because the fallen souls would have physical minions, and they would start to bring beings from other other universes, to come here. And so they would have physical conduits, physical minions who would carry this out for them and being able to bring Draco into the universe here. And that’s where they are stationed, in the Draconus star system. And that was never the intention for mother/father god to bring beings here like the Draco into the universe. Mother/father God had no plant, had no fruit to bear relating to the Draco. They were dumped here.

11:24: .. even more horrifying beings, some of these are human races that are all about dominion and dominance. So they (the soul rebellions) would get their physical minions who they have influence over, to open up these portals, and bringing in these creatures. And they would come into this universe, and that’s all part of their plan. To wreak havoc.

Soul Rebellions