Heartcarve – The Movie.
Draft storyline 1.2

Business leaders of planet Bazzu are seeking to create new “well-being activities” on their planet. They are an advanced civilization and scan Earth from afar and see huge levels of stoke coming from Danny on his new skis.

The leaders decide they want to emulate this activity on their planet. They come down on spaceships.

Bazzu do such pillages across the universe and also invite alien tourists onto their planet to run various exotic leisure activities, including rock concerts that bring in tourists:

They ask Danny to join them on Bazzu and he willingly obliges, Brigitte is with them on her snowboard, as they show them pictures of some of the mountains on their planet.

In order to emulate skiing and snowboarding, the aliens develop an exo-skeleton for themselves that allow them to withstand the high Gs of skiing. They also end up fitting rockets to the skis to get more speed because Bazzu is a low-G planet. They are also working to build a gravity generator that scientists expect to be ready in a few months.

Danny ends up breaking a leg. But forms a relationship with Brigitte who saves his life.

Eventually Danny’s leg heals and he brings the acoustic device that healed his leg quickly along with Brigitte and his new friend Zimmy back to Earth. Danny also brings an exoskeleton designed for him that allows him to ski much better. He also redesigns his skis on Bazzu to be even better.

Back on Earth, Danny enters big mountain ski races and cheats with the exo-skeleton. People copy his skis but can’t get the same results. His skis from Bazzu are extremely light and strong, with advanced base technology that can’t be emulated on Earth. They also have edges that don’t blunt: some type of alien supermetal. He’s fast. Same with Brigitte. People also get jealous and want to steal his skis, which accounts for an action sequence.

Also, just as Danny is about to enter a big mountain ski race wearing an exoskeleton and other racers notice this exoskeleton and see that he is a cheat and target him.

Additionally,  some pharmaceutical companies hear of his frequency device that heals broken bones rapidly because he tells a university professor about it who he meets on a chairlift. This accounts for another action sequence as they attempt to steal it.

The ski community is up in arms. Who made Danny’s skis? What are they made of? What is the exo-skeleton he is wearing? Why was Danny’s home targeted?

Eventually the gravity generator on Bazzu is completed and a Big Race is prepared for competitors across the universe on a gigantic custom terraformed mountain.

Danny holds a town hall meeting to come clean with the ski community. He also brings out Zimmy. A number of seriously injured people in the community come in the morning of the meeting, and the device heals them powerfully in a few hours. He gets a list of racers who want to compete in the Big Race.

One person in the audience records the meeting and brings it to the Intelligence Agency. The Agency determines that the best course of action is to kill the racers planning to go to Bazzu as a threat to global stability and the status quo. They also want to steal Danny’s bone healing machine, his skis and exoskeleton. They want to capture and experiment with Zimmy.

Before the assassins reach the racers, Zimmy takes them all back to Bazzu in a re-scheduled pickup. A “good” member of the Intelligence Agency (Corinne) warns Danny of the planned hit and wanted to convince the head that he and the racers are not guilty of a capital crime. The head classes Bazzu (and Zimmy) wrongly as a lethal foe entity.

During the race, the mountain’s gravity generator malfunctions and the race becomes even more difficult. Danny wins the race. After the race Danny tells the other racers of the assassins and that it is too risky to return to Earth.

Bazzu prepares advanced body armor for the racers based on advanced tech found there. They also prepare lifelike body doubles.

The attempted hits (as dawn raids) are recorded by cameras placed in the body doubles and then broadcast along with footage of the race to the world. Danny becomes a hero of “ET cooperation” and the people part of the agency that ordered the hit are dismissed.

A new division of the agency launched: Intergalactic Liaisons for Benevolent Advancement. ILBA. Corinne becomes its head.

There is a skier called Cozmoon who constantly teased Danny about his news skis when he made the first iteration and that he was “wrong” and a “troll.” At the end of the movie, he ends up skiing on Danny’s skis whilst Danny attempts to catch him on Rozboon’s skis. Zimmy also abandons Danny for Rozboon, just for a laugh.

The injured skiers who were healed by the device end up working for Corinne in the new division of the Intelligence Agency.

Brigitte quits the the snowboard school where she was previously a beginner’s teacher and takes starts taking high-paying private lessons, whilst also obtaining new sponsorship deals featuring Zimmy’s sister Helen who is a snowboarder. Large numbers of Bazzu aliens start skiing on Earth in their exoskeletons.

Additionally, Brigitte is Chinese and about 18 and was working in the USA on exchange when picked up by the aliens. Danny is about 25, he is Caucasian. There is tension within both of their families due to the cultural differences, and Brigitte’s English is not too good.

The couple’s theme song is:

They feel better when in the mountains, and that represents progression whereas the city represents stagnation. This is an overarching theme of the film: stagnation vs progression.

At the end of the film, Brigitte’s grandfather in China (note: this story should use fictional countries, see storyline notes) falls off a ladder and breaks his leg. Danny and Brigitte head over there and heal his leg with the device. Brigitte’s extended family accepts Danny, and he decides to live there for a year. One year later Danny’s parents head over there too, and the two are engaged with Zimmy as Danny’s best man and Helen as the bridesmaid.

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A central theme of the above discussion is Stagnation.

In this story, the world adheres to an era of Dark Alchemy which sees the global rollout of trans-humanism irrespective of individual consent. This is a fictional viewpoint and is not occurring on Earth, to the best of my knowledge – it’s the realm of ‘crazy’ conspiracy theorists. As such, the head of the agency is its dark overlord, ruthlessly suppressing progression wherever found, especially when it comes to the evolutionary spirit within the body and then replacing it with an AI-based (instead of soul-based) mechanism. This agency is either attached to a fictional country or a fictional military contractor.

In terms of storyline, after the head is dismissed, at the end, he receives a phone call with the words¬† “we’ve got a job for you” (you don’t see his face) and ends up walking through the doors of an unknown giant office building in China (see storyline notes on use of fictional countries.) This should lead to a sequel… he’s going to work for some kind of military contractor… his services are still in demand, especially with the new alien assimilation/liaison (and benevolent technologies) in effect. They’re going to target the Indigo children.