Storyline Notes 1.3

– powder snow for alien pickup
The HeartSlayer skis really work great in powder snow even though they are also great on soft groomer runs too. This is somewhat of an anomaly phenomenon for skiing. You can’t have a ski be awesome in opposing snow conditions. When the aliens detect Danny, he should be skiing steep and deep powder runs: I did not get footage of this and if I did, then no doubt these skis would have been better received by a ski community that says “Go Big or Go Home.”

In the picture above, the tracks above of the HeartSlayer indicate a smoother and less stressful line than other skis (at right) when skiing powder snow. Also, the slarve turn of the best powder skiing is not needed in heartcarving, and the slarve turn causes massive sluff problems too (ie mini-avalanches caused by snow displacement.) As such, heartcarving steep powder could end up safer not to mention more enjoyable than current skiing methods.

The future MeatHammer ski should capitalise on this observation and also radically increase the average speed of heartcarving – especially in powder. This is also why the exo-skeleton is needed: the G-forces will rise significantly – typically more of a consideration on groomer runs. I only fell over once in 3 weeks of skiing on the HeartSlayers and that was only part of me doing an experiment. It is also important to note that this ski is difficult when landing jumps. The MeatHammer has a flat section in its middle to make it easier.

– Snowboarding

There is snowboarding in the movie from Helen and Brigitte. I did design a Heartcarve snowboard but am unsure of how good it will be.  It is meant to remove the need to use a “push-pull” technique used by the best snowboarders, and be less stressful on the body. The movie may end up not using snowboarding.

– Big Race

I designed a course for heartcarving too that can influence the Big Race.

– Mountains and energy
Mountains and rivers represent advancement as opposed to the stagnation of the city because of the freedom of thought obtained in the natural environment, away from EMF pollution and caused by the Feng Shui (energies) of an area. There was a recent track about someone caught in a rut and with writer’s block:

The mountains represent creativity and breaking out of mental ruts. They can also represent a consciousness expansion.

– In the book The God Code (2005), Gregg Braden mentions how the words “God Eternal Within the Body” reside in the DNA when it’s mapped to Hebrew (and Arabic.) The aliens pickup Danny and Brigitte because they sense from their spaceships that these two have activated this god code.

– A conversation Danny has on a chairlift is as follows
Brigitte: Dude, they look crazy [points at skis]
Danny: I know, such a rush it’s all about endorphins not adrenaline.
Brigitte: I so get it. You’re going for the natural high, right?
Danny: Yeah, the whole “no pain no gain” thing is out the window.
Brigitte: Window, what windows? [looks around and laughs]
Danny: It’s fear too, for adrenaline you need fear. I don’t want fear, then the heart carving experience is gone.

– Heart intelligence
In the recent video below (Dec 6, 2019), Braden explains that the heart has 40,000 neurons and is connected to the brain, and when the two sync up with each other, new super abilities are born.

The exact quotes of interest are as follows:

When we harmonize our heart and our brain together, that’s what gives us our super abilities… two separate organs, sharing a common neural network… all of a sudden we have access to super information processing.

27:55 (picture of skiers)
To learn something new.. a new is the act of creativity, the act of you triggering that creativity within your will, within your being, it is that act that is the biological trigger that sets into motion the neurons that you have just seen as they begin to grow and seek out partnerships and connections with other neurons to match what it is you have just asked them to do.

Moreover, his streaming series Missing Links further elaborates on this and that everything is linked as energy within the Divine Matrix.

The key here, is that the Bazzu aliens send a hovering aerial probe to scan every skier at Snowbird/Alta, they sense Danny and Brigitte as emitting the most distinctive and high-energy auric field within the Divine Matrix.

On board the ship:
Zimmy points to the scan of Danny they record while he was skiing. It shows his heart and brain linking up with energy.
Danny: Oh yeah, that must be me breathing through my heart when I ski, that’s nothing new.
Zimmy: Coool (gives a thumbs up)
[The Bazzu then scan him on board the ship and show how his god code has been activated as well]

Brigitte shows similar readings although she wasn’t heartcarving at Alta. However later on, she gives off readings that go off the charts after they build her a custom snowboard based on Danny’s ski designs and she uses an exoskeleton for the big race. Although she doesn’t win, she gives off the highest God Code frequency based on her heart/brain synchronization.

– Fictional countries
Earth can be used as a staging for this story, however fictional countries must be used. “Intelligence Agency” should not equate to any country, similarly, its head should not equate to any person. This is not to hide anything, but because the story presents a fictional worldview. See Tintin’s flags below, although here real countries are actually presented.


– Rolling into the OK series
This story can be rolled into the OK series, to make it a 7 story series. In this case, the aforementioned point of “fictional countries” would be removed and the agency would be either attached to a fictional military contractor, or be non-specific as to its country of origin – possibly the realm of a SPECTRE-like organization. The movie would be slotted in after OK5. Also, to round-out this story, the Agency Head would be shown prior to the war-room scene in the current OK6 story in front of a whiteboard “Indigo Children Nullification: a Question of When, not If” – at which point he collapses when the unstoppable fire passes through. Hence the title of this story would be “OK6: Heartcarve” Then the current OK6 becomes OK7. The benefit here is that the series becomes a heptalogy, which has a lot of transformative power in the number “7” aspect. Also, not a lot of backstory should be needed as the story is already given a strong context. It’s about a crazy guy in power that gets purged – a similar vibe to OK5 and moreover, gets replaced by friendly aliens and new human development. The downside is that some momentum is lost between the end of 5 and start of 6 which take place within a few months (or weeks) of each other. However, the world-building is not lost. Another point to think about is that this film could be standalone as well, so long as Boron and the existing characters aren’t included – which is easily possible. On the other hand, they can be included very vaguely to yield a more integrated feel.

A better alternative perhaps: “OK5: Heartcarve ” and begins when Adrian Boron and Rosalind meet Danny on a chairlift whilst on their honeymoon – that signals the end of OK4! Here, their honeymoon starts in Hawaii and finishes in Snowbird! In this case, the Agency Head would just be dismissed at the end and maybe brought to trial, and not be called for a new job (no sequel.)