Danny continued V1.1

Danny’s into crystals and grounding his body, and that helps him cope with living in the city and away from the wilderness, which better suits his developing spirit.

Brigitte is turned on by these crystals too, and has an interest in them being from China (or whatever her country) where many can be found. Also, Danny has developed the designs for a grounded shoe and a grounded ski, that are for connecting his body to the earth to collect free electrons and make him feel more relaxed. Ultimately however, he ends up crushing much of his crystal collection to make orgonite, and he learns that being grounded in the city is not always such a healthy thing due to the stray voltage causing more harm than good.

A lot of guys think he is a effeminate and vain for these crystals, but he doesn’t care because it is not true and is offset by how many chicks dig his cool and unique style. Incredibly, the crystals themselves act as a defence against incoming negatively, especially fire agate. He also finds that the crystals help him perform better when rollerblading or skiing.

Danny wears his crystals when playing drums too, in hip-hop and acoustic street sessions.. and this amplifies his energy and attraction power. It’s a unique hack he has developed. He also does some hip-hop production and dancing based on this creative energy he has unleashed.