V1.1 – suggested changes:
– Instead of planting a vine to infiltrate an existing forest, ILBA uses their jar of seeds from King Steezgro to grow brand new intergalactic portal forests around the world. These forests could be regulated similar to how Peril (OK3) makes his departure.

Question: In theĀ storyline, “Large numbers of Bazzu aliens start skiing on Earth in their exoskeletons.” How does this occur?

Before Danny and his friends head back to Earth, the Bazzuians provide them with body doubles (with recon abilities) to plant in their homes, in expectation of dawn raid assassinations. They also give him footage of the race, and medals. King Steezgro (steeze + growth) also gives Danny a seed to plant in a forest, for the time Earth is ready to invite the Bazzuians in larger numbers back to it. Danny shows this seed to Corinne and they end up planting it in a forest once ILBA (Intergalactic Liaison for Benevolent Advancement) is setup [pic 2]. It is important to note, that presuming this story becomes OK5, the people of the planet are in a different mindset and more welcome to positive ET influence after seeing Twurp and the great correction to the planet’s environment. They are also happy that Danny has met Adrian Boron for his nod of approval. Also, with the portal in place, it eases people’s worry that Earth could become over-populated due to increased life expectancy, for Bazzu is a massive planet and very much like Earth.

The seed is planted and a vine grows [pic 5] in a forest and turns a part of it into a “Nature Portal” [pic 6] as the vine wraps around many trees, and provides a two way connection into Bazzu [pic 7].

These nature portals are said to already exist, and form after sunset in forests when two straight trees grow close together (see vid below.) The Bazzu vine that Danny and Corinne plant builds upon this concept.

Eventually, for the end of the film, the Bazzuians come back to Earth to go skiing and whatever else they do [pic 8.] Danny is happy to see Zimmy again with his sister [pic 9] and can attend his wedding. The Bazzuians believe in mutually beneficial relationships and aren’t interested in invading Earth.