Maverick Soul – Lionize (2019)

Danny and the Mountains v1.0
Danny is drawn to the mountains and the clear air to be found. Unlike the city, there is far less pollution, and even if he were to live thousands of years ago, prior to polluting technologies, the mountains offer a place of solitude, introspection and expansion of consciousness. They are not necessarily a place to physically climb, he has learned.

This echoes sentiment in the old testament with Mount Sinai and Moses, and monasteries in the Himalayas for yogis and monks that may even have access to Shilajit – a mountain superfood oozing from fissures.

Danny finds his way into the mountains from Salt Lake City, but really could live in any city that has close access to a mountain wilderness. Amazingly he found a hidden supply of Shilajit, enabling him to live in the mountains for extended periods of time.

“Native Americans used similar humic substances called Medicine Rock, sourced from the Grand Tetons of Wyoming.” – source