Final Notes v1.1

Idris is a clone replacement of the original Agency Head who was deliberately replaced by Rippy (from planet Keedomu.) Idris is thus supervised by Rippy, with Rippy in turn influenced covertly (as countless others are) by Skrim. [pic 1]

Heartcarve – The Movie should come after OK5 as OK6. The current OK5 sees a major correction, especially the purging of Amalek, but Idris is not human so is not killed in that correction. And, the new timeline doesn’t let Earth escape Rippy. On the other hand, it’d also be possible to place this story as OK5 (not 6) – so long as the urgency for a new planet to populate exists due to new population pressures from longer lives.

In the first case, Rippy+Idris are the final die-hard remnants of the evil Negative Alien Agenda on Earth as influenced by Skrim. Rippy only has a couple of clone agents on Earth, with Rippy being his most valuable one.

Rippy commands Idris to commit suicide once he is caught so as to not give away any information.

Idris once captured:

Rippy: I had such plans for you.
Idris: So what? Your expectations are too high.
Rippy: We were supposed to target the Indigo children with a powerful airborne poison.
Idris: I know, I’m sorry. But let’s move on.
Rippy: Impossible. Just take that little white pill I gave you asap.
Idris: I am just a clone for fuck’s sake. And here goes nothing [takes it and drops the phone dead]

On Keedomu, Rippy then stares at the original Idris in suspension similar to the clones in The Prestige.


Rippy ultimately drops unconscious by the unstoppable fire in OK7 as it sweeps through Keedomu. It is unknown whether he dies or not. He could also disintegrate.

When Danny, Brigitte and the racers are dropped back off to Earth after the Big Race they are also left with a stack of gold [pic 2] (as well as the recon clones and the jar of seeds from Steezgro.)

This is to help them setup the new division of the Intelligence Agency (ILBA) in addition to helping them along their way, including hiring additional security if they need it. Also, Danny and Brigitte feel it is their duty to carry on with their relationship with Bazzu, especially to ease population pressures on Earth.

An interesting idea would be to have the recon doubles from Bazzu trap the assassins by firing a potent glue like substance on them, whilst also obtaining footage of the whole incident. The substance would have a neurotoxin within it to paralyze them.

The advantage of this story is that for OK7, people on Earth could proceed to Bazzu via ILBA portal forests at the end rather than depend on instant interstellar teleportation to various planets as currently outlined for the end of OK7 – that should be an ability only acquired much later into the messianic era by only some people. Boron, Jai Shimon and his squad get it instantly however.

Finally, Danny is also a computer geek [pic 4] working for a startup in Salt Lake City, Bopgig, as run by his friend Prez [pic 3.] Brigitte [pic 3] plans to help expand its presence in China at the end of the story.