Date idea: Danny and Brigitte at the skatepark v1.1

Danny is on rollerblades and Brigitte on her skateboard. They get there early before an event and have a skate-off, Brigitte clearly the better of the two [pic 1], and she’s used to the attention, yet she doesn’t skate at 100% because she is new to the park. A bunch of guys are properly eyeing her off [pic 2,4] in a lustful way, and she’s pleasantly surprised but also still timid. Interestingly, a few guys see her as the Asian girl and even feel a little intimidated by her skill and beauty.

Danny: You know, if this was your local, you’d never miss home.
Brigitte: Still undecided about it all. Pros – lots of skaters. Cons – lots of skaters.
Danny: For me, I think home is Bazzu.
Brigitte: I’m more into humans.
Danny: We’re cuter (winks at her)
Brigitte: I don’t know, I always thought Zimmy was pretty hot. [Zimmy has climbed a tree to get a better viewpoint]
Danny: You have high standards [both laugh]

[She feels some racism too as some guy pushes the edges of his eyes back slyly while rubbing his face (perhaps intentionally).]

Brigitte: I do miss home