Danny’s Orgonite

As mentioned Danny wore crystals. One day he discovered orgonite at a percussion store where he was playing.

Store guy: Dude, those crystals are fire [points to his necklace]

Danny: Yep, yep. Tourmaline from Erongo in Namibia. Cheap.. [pause] but priceless [holds it up] . I have it covering my heart.

Store guy: You know about orgonite, there’s a lady across the street who makes it.

Danny: I’ve heard about it, I want to make some.

Store guy: You should [points to the piece on his table]

Danny: I’ll have to crush these babies [holds up necklace again]

Store guy: Maybe not that one. But it’ll be cool, you’ll see. There’s a bit of work involved.

Danny: What exactly does it do?

Store guy: It gives you a supernatural spirit.

Danny: I know, and who doesn’t want that? Right?

Store guy: Your ego. Haha. [Danny smiles]

Danny: Have you got one to sell?

Store: Head across the road, she’ll sort you out.

Danny: Alright cool.

Note: the relevance to this story is that Danny’s orgonite piece can be the key to how the Bazzu ship found him – it amplified his aura while skiing. Brigitte can also be carrying an orgonite piece when they meet. She made it herself, but Danny bought his.


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