Danny Proposes (ending)

As mentioned in the draft storyline, Danny and Brigitte get married. Instead of this, the final thing seen on Earth can be of Danny proposing to Brigitte somewhere in China along the coast. During their conversation, he shows some kids something on the drums (pic 1 + video) and this makes a good impression on her.

Also, Zimmy and his sister Helen come down on a spacecraft, both with pieces of orgonite attached to their body.

Zimmy motions them to board their ship right before Danny actually proposes, even while on his knee.

Brigitte: Maybe this should wait, ha?
Danny: Well I’m keen. [looking at Zimmy]
Brigitte: But everything we can do on Bazzu, we can do here.
Danny: I thought you said Zimmy was hot.
Brigitte: He looks even better rocking that orgonite too.
Danny: You gotta live every day like it’s your first, not your last.
Brigitte: Last day on Earth perhaps.
Danny: Let’s do it.

[they both go with Zimmy and Helen onto the spacecraft]

Note: this is not such a big deal as Earth and Bazzu already have portal forests that allow inter-planetary travel. Instead the spacecraft takes them to some gigantic mountain on some faraway planet that the audience has not yet seen and Zimmy’s friends are shown BASE jumping onto it with their skis and exo-skeletons.

[the ship lands and the door opens. They have their ski gear on and are about to ski off]
Danny: Brigitte, will you marry me?
Brigitte: Of course, Danny.

[the two of them ski off to the BASE jumpers who are waiting for them further down]