Innerspace Trailer #1 (1987)

I saw this film as a child in Israel in December 1987 (sub-titled cinema.) It blew me away. I actually got what a character arc should look like.

Martin Short’s character started off as a somewhat timid store clerk and then ends up beating up bad guys on some stairs (0:54 above) without even needing initial encouragement from Dennis Quaid’s character inside him.

“Now Jack’s got twice the problems, but he’s double the man… with Tuck on his side, in his gut, and on his case. And only 24 hours left for Jack to get out of danger, so that Tuck can get out of Jack.” (0:47 above)

What would Serve the Serpent (as an Innerspace II-type story) look like, if the father had to live through the daughter and vice versa (using technology)?

Imagine if the father’s voice within her was one day hijacked by a demon and the father’s voice within her started to work against her?