Channel Live – Mad Izm (1995)

“I’m doing what I wanna do and sparking Mad-Izm” (1:56)

Don’t fall for any possible upcoming Hollywood counterfeits!

Wise-Up to the Ormus King Heptalogy today!

Due to the currently non-commercial and copyright protected nature of Ormus King 1-7, all upcoming films (especially Indiana Jones 5) cannot have the following beats and story points combined to any significant degree what so ever:

  1. alien-influenced-government
  2. Israel with a focus on Jerusalem and Haifa
  3. other planets
  4. a superyacht
  5. recurring dreams of grandfather
  6. Egyptology
  7. IP theft
  8. mystical powers
  9. heli chase
  10. foot chase
  11. Eagle symbology
  12. Jail escape
  13. human levitation
  14. ormus / mystical substance
  15. alien companionship and technology (invisibility / levitation)
  16. stadium spectacle
  17. helicopter kidnapping

and this refers to Ormus King 1 only.

Ormus King 4 is similarly protected, which currently involves Tintin (to be replaced) in an extended dream sequence, and likewise its plot points and story beats are inaccessible without a suitable license. All beats, plot points and stories in the Ormus King series are reinforced in their validity due to the accompanying graphical mockups (and dialogue) that took considerable work and creativity to produce.