Ormus King Legal Defense

Absorbing the Ormus of the Roaring 40s.

Not just rewarding the past…
but securing the future!

Ormus King (all seven stories) are currently under commercial copyright restriction to protect their value, especially with regards to their future monetisation based upon upcoming film and literary projects that are either planned, being financed and/or underway. This could take more than 10 years to achieve (in alignment with other projects of the author.) However, with the progression of time comes improved and less expensive technologies to make realtime-VFX films more feasible.

Furthermore, copyright infringement undermines attribution rights given to underlying creators, and usurps the reputational benefits had correct attribution been given in the first place.

It is for these reasons that it can be appreciated that copyright infringement is even a criminal offense in some cases. That even seems more appropriate when something is offered in good faith and it is outright stolen in return.