Following on from the last post, in terms of emphasizing the role of the moon’s transformation via the unstoppable fire at the end of Ormus King, this thought first came to me via the following:

Isaiah 30:26: The light of the moon will be as bright as the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times brighter— like the light of seven days— on the day that the LORD binds up the brokenness of His people and heals the wounds He inflicted.

Also, some other important quotes are below:

Open Secret: Postmessianic Messianism and the Mystical Revision of Menahem Mendel Schneerson (2009)

I think the intensity of the lunar light will actually change upon entry into the messianic age. I also suspect there to be a supernatural light (from the moon) than can also be perceived and shines on all of creation – this continues amplifying until the World to Come arrives.

To be enlightened messianically is to be delivered from all conceptual limitations, even the very notion of becoming emancipated from limitation. The ultimate liberation, or true and complete redemption, fuses the believer into an infinite essence beyond all duality, even the duality of being emancipated and not emancipated–an emancipation, in other words, that emancipates one from the bind of emancipation. ~ source