Transition into the messianic era – city perspective – Rio de Janeiro

The religious monument stands as usual prior to the alien assimilation.


The religious monument is then brought to the moon and projected back to Rio as a live stream hologram which doesn’t change.


During the finale, a fireball leaves the sun and vaporises the monument. This monument from Brazil is only one of many that are placed on the moon from various religions and faiths (including Judaism.)


In the messianic era, people are only momentarily horrified, as a new perception and cosmic awareness is opened up in themselves – they become aware of the Christ (from a Christian viewpoint) in themselves and don’t need to look outward for it. As previously discussed, freewill is eliminated in this era. People identity Jai Shimon as the new messiah but don’t feel the need to latch onto him. The moon appears permanently and takes on a supernatural appearance – it provides balance to the solar masculine.