2010 – The Twitter UI gets an overhaul

March 2009:

pic 4 notes: (2010 screenshot)
(1) Browse pre-selected twitter accounts from a menu that is opened.
(2) Searchable list of celebrity accounts from @valebrity within a dropdown.
(3) 2nd and 3rd columns (middle and right) could be switched with the preference remembered between sessions.

  • 1st and 3rd columns floated into view (with fresh user data) whenever a user was selected within the middle column.
  • The basis of this site was done by a talented WordPress developer in Romania using newly released Web 2.0 tech according to my spec. I ended up building upon that foundation very substantially in the subsequent months. The site became unusable when Twitter changed their API in August 2010 but I still have the code and had fun building it. I initially launched it via a Techcrunch comment.

September 2010:


0:58: “We had a bunch of changes in mind that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. And sometimes you can make them incrementally and sometimes it kind of takes a big rethinking. And so this was one of those times where we decided to take a big leap forward just to create the best product we can.” ~ Evan Williams, 9/2010

May 2020: