2004: GrooveGuide – where groove meets street!

GrooveTip really should have morphed into a MySpace-type destination for musicians (also founded in 2003) or even CitySearch, iTunes, TicketMaster or Facebook. It didn’t but success still comes in a myriad of ways.

In order to launch and promote the GrooveTip website, I distributed a free, pocket-sized, street-press leaflet around Melbourne – only once – GrooveGuide. The first artist featured was Snaplock Rhythm. Their music was also sold on the site.

Interestingly, vocalist Paul Havea (1976-2007: pic below left) is on this recording who went on to play with IllZilla – as did the drummer and sax player.

The full PDF download of GrooveGuide is below. I modelled it on a street press magazine I found in NYC in 2003 but that shut down pretty soon afterward. After GrooveGuide, Beat Magazine started distributing a full PDF of their magazine via their website.

GrooveGuide June 2004

To create GrooveGuide, I created filters in TextPipe Pro and scraped websites to rapidly obtain event information to be converted into sql statements,  which then displayed easily on the website, while also preparing the same information for printing.