Latest street message (on-demand):

Problem: Bal (בַּעַל) / Idol Worship / Tunnel Vision
Solution: Evolution via the King / Light at the end of the Tunnel / Exit

“Evolving for the future.”

In Judaism, a ba’al teshuvah is a Jew from a secular background who becomes religiously observant. ~ wikipedia

The Hebrew Bible includes use of the term in reference to various Levantine deities, often with application towards Hadad, who was decried as a false god. That use was taken over into Christianity and Islam, sometimes under the opprobrious form Beelzebub in demonology. ~ wikipedia

2003: Ethereal Dawn

Laying in your sonic hammock…you play amongst the stars…then swim in the waters……and awaken to the Ethereal Dawn.



Bobby Brown – Every Little Step (1988)
– Not a 560 SEC (380 SE) but close enough for now (same era and class.)

(2:48) Yes, I drive a 560 SEC
And when I’m on the mic, you gotta see me


Oliver Heldens – Details (Joel Corry Remix) ft. Boy Matthews (2020)

* This entire scene could make a great film clip (eg guy loses his girl to a yeti) or vehicle advertisement (eg Mercedes Benz) about being able to withstand things worse than you can imagine through sheer strength.