Ormus King Legal Defense is a natural progression to the GoFundMe campaign and seeks to protect all current and future Ormus King Intellectual Property from unauthorized usage and violation through any and all legal avenues required, at any time.

It is designed to be an evergreen fund with a fundraising target of AUD $222,222,230.

This large amount is designed to flow into the production budget (that is still relatively small) depending on the nature and severity of legal action needed and underway.

Its first step involves notices-of-liability to be posted here on this blog to whom they may concern regarding Ormus King stories 1-7.


The New Déjà Vu

I literally (and accidentally) walked passed the garage of Tasmania’s largest comic seller yesterday as I was waiting for my vehicle to be checked. This was the first comic that I saw from the road as it was displayed prominently in the center of the shop (see above.)

This is NOT an April fools’ day joke. See Dave’s card and auto receipt below left (both received within about 1 hour of each other):

Dave thought I was someone else and had another book waiting (some compendium about huts.) I asked how much was this one (the Indy comic we were speaking about,) and he said it was $5. I opened my bag and pulled a fiver straight out (the only note left.) “It was meant to be.” He said.

“The next Indy film may involve Indy’s quest for the fabled KING SOLOMON’S MINES, but with a twist – this time, INDY has to fight the DEVIL to get the jewels.” – Indy III comic (p4. 1985)

Based on the comic’s speculated “Indy III” to-be at the time (see quote and pic above), this is my extremely brief (and rough) visualisation of it, with the last act moving into how the expeditionary story is eventually monetised via film (a film of the expedition itself, within the film) in order to help sway public opinion to the true claim of King Solomon’s loot by Adrian Boron, but the filmmaker is actually an agent of Andy Barry and two versions of the film are made, with a battle as to which gets released!


September 87 & Dream Fiend – Light Years (2020)


I was visiting the Dolder, Zurich, and there was lots of security for some type of conference:

Security at the conference must’ve thought I looked out of place walking around seemingly aimlessly (both inside and outside) with some older guy,  which I did – ski jackets are not seen in Zurich as casual wear. Whatever it was, the tall guy that walked toward (and then passed) me in the foyer in the dark suit looked like some assassin coming to check me out (or worse.)

When I saw him walk straight towards me against the light of the window behind him (and also staring me down,) I thought that someone had made a dreadful mistake and that this was the end for me. My heart missed a beat. For him, a possible Ethan Hunt was never to be, and that’s all he cared about.

And he was right.

Business as usual.


…until the real Ethan Hunt was spotted outside (after a change of clothes) and his plane took off without him.

All that time I suspect the older guy and myself were unwittingly being used as a Red Herring. The IMF team had found the security radio band and had conference security track us instead of the real IMF team. We were fished out, and it could have happened to anyone.


Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl (various 2019 remixes)

Adrian: Andy, you can run but you can’t hide.
Andy: Likewise Adrian, likewise!


Bobby Brown – Every Little Step (1988)
– Not a 560 SEC (380 SE) but close enough for now (same era and class.)

(2:48) Yes, I drive a 560 SEC
And when I’m on the mic, you gotta see me