2018 – The Gianni Versace signature motif is born

The newest addition to the House’s codes – Gianni Versace’s handwriting is placed on an assortment of clothing and accessories. Add a signature touch to your look with the newest logo accent. ~ Versace.com May ’20


Perseus – Seychelles (2013)

Yoda Lives!

Here I am on his right-hand path and he is on my left-hand path! But in the end what does it matter if there is only One.

In more recent definitions, which base themselves on the terms’ origins in Indian Tantra, the Right-Hand Path, or RHP, is seen as a definition for those magical groups that follow specific ethical codes and adopt social convention, while the Left-Hand Path adopts the opposite attitude, espousing the breaking of taboo and the abandoning of set morality. ~ source

Man with the Golden Gun, Duel Scene (1973)

“I’ve never killed a midget before, but there can always be a first time!” (James Bond, 2:50)


Adding to the tweet below are more pics taken while working as a film/TV extra in Israel from 2005-2009.

I devised a custom outfit derived from Versace 90’s gear and a James Bond print in January 2018 (in Jerusalem.)

These looks are showcased in Ormus King 2 – Lab Theft and Brazil scene.