The Beat Starts Within!

1) top left is a comment on the shape and design of skis – not on the brand names seen
2) “-19” added as an afterthought for relevance only.


The Presets – Martini (2018)

“I need us to imagine that like wow… Martini”


New Zealand: Full of Surprises!


Danny and Brigitte III – religion vs nationalism vs individualism vs consumerism v1.0

note: Brigitte should speak English well, just not read it too well, she is learning to read it. Also, Danny is a Mormon, but feels pulled in different directions by different forces. Brigitte also has her own squad, and the leader is jealous of her style and charisma with Brigitte being too timid to go it alone, but Danny supports her for it. He has already been through this journey with his strict Mormon family and the need to just “not give a damn” and respond with detachment and equanimity to all twists of fate – good and bad.

Danny: No one is an atheist. People just have different Gods.
Brigitte: I try not to think about it too much
Danny: The God of emptiness
Brigitte: OK, you win
Danny: The God of competition
Brigitte: I get it. You can stop.