2018 – The Gianni Versace signature motif is born

The newest addition to the House’s codes – Gianni Versace’s handwriting is placed on an assortment of clothing and accessories. Add a signature touch to your look with the newest logo accent. ~ Versace.com May ’20


The David Rubenstein Show – Paul Singer – (Strategies for Successful Investing – Elliott Management) (2017)

4 min version
24 min version

In a 2017 interview, Singer was asked to describe what he wanted the “headline” of his life to be. He paused for several moments before saying, “He tried to make a difference. He protected a lot of people’s capital over a long period of time. He was steady, reliable.” (source or at 23:08 above)

I myself have had many ideas about how companies should improve themselves, for example by producing a better product or website. I have also seen many of my submitted ideas implemented – but not with Sun Microsystems.

Note: regarding my strategic vision for Sun (link above or pic 2 below), I am still left wondering why TheInquirer.net’s shutdown screen (a news site that briefly reported on the strategy back in 2003) is not accurate today as to when it itself began. Seems like it should read 2001 and not 2006, what am I missing? It was only acquired in 2006.

ref: 1 2 3 4

However, the whole idea of activist investing is new to me. It’s like management consulting on steroids.

Today, imagining myself as an activist investor (or working closely with one,) I would investigate, test and eventually install free energy devices into pre-existing energy infrastructure. Regardless of outcome, that process should be broadcast live and also turned into a documentary.

Oliver Heldens – Details (Joel Corry Remix) ft. Boy Matthews (2020)

* This entire scene could make a great film clip (eg guy loses his girl to a yeti) or vehicle advertisement (eg Mercedes Benz) about being able to withstand things worse than you can imagine through sheer strength.


Droid Double, Droid Trouble, Droid Bubble

While Antony is programming his droid double, it goes AWOL, only later to be used in a heist and crime spree by its makers, who themselves were attacked, after its CEO was blackmailed. Antony must get to the bottom of it, and contact Adrian Boron whose droid double must be reverse engineered (so that it can connect with the awry doubles) for Antony to escape prison, or worse.


Brighter Days

From the time I moved into the Great Twitya Pad to the time I left, there was always something going on. Life could’ve been much worse though.

Dajae – Brighterdays (Jabair’s Quarantine Goodies Mix) (2020)

These headshots taken at a Tel Aviv hostel led to my first extra’s role (post 2005):

Soon after I found the Great Twitya Pad while literally walking up the street (just after dark) with my bags after grabbing a newspaper. Then whoever picked up my phone call first had my business. I was so keen to find brighter days.

Many people door knocked. I rarely answered because they were strangers.

Outside my door was another door into a corridor and groups would congregate, chatter, unlock the door and then close it behind them. So it was noisy but it didn’t matter. It was far better than nothing at all.

During my time at the Great Twitya Pad starting in mid 2008, I returned to Tsfat and attended a few tech events.

I’d also go rollerblading to Tel Aviv port and the skatepark.


This trend continued into 2009 before I left to Jerusalem in early 2010. By that stage I had lost hair and developed adult acne in that apartment, which all soon dissipated. I had trouble with Hebrew but I felt I was moving forward regardless.

A shot from my final acting/extras role in Feb 2009:

More anecdotes from time at the Great Twitya Pad may be found here: https://twitter.com/twitya2020/

So in terms of Brighter Days:

Seek, and you shall find – Luke 11:9

Believing is seeing!

A girl is mugged, but she ends up fine in a surreal incident for the author!

It is 25 June 2009 around 3am, and I am listening to news of Michael Jackson’s death (and his music) on my computer inside my apartment in Tel Aviv:


I was reading various people’s thoughts on Hacker News:

When I first heard of his death, “Never Can Say Goodbye” seemed like the most appropriate track for that moment.

But then I started hearing squeals (not really screams) from the street below and I thought they were coming from drunk girls and so didn’t pay too much attention:


However, the squeals persisted. After about 20 – 30 seconds I peer out and a woman is lying on the road holding her handbag with one hand, while a bagsnatcher is trying to yank it away from her. There is a bicycle on the ground between them. He is still standing up. I yell aggressively a few times at the man, he looks around (not at me,) lets go and sprints around the corner:

Interestingly, the street was empty and quiet at the time.

I go downstairs and the police have already been called by a bystander. The police arrive and I thought I saw the same man up the street again but an officer told me that he had already been apprehended in the area and was known to them.

I go to the station with the woman in a police car. She appeared unhurt (perhaps grazed) and was speaking Russian. She could have been a prostitute. Her handbag was damaged.

My witness report was emailed to the station officer later due to language difficulties.

I got a call some weeks later from a lawyer asking what I was doing up at that hour and I told them about MJ.

It was a surreal, very sad and unnerving night to say the least.

I was visiting the Dolder, Zurich, and there was lots of security for some type of conference:

Security at the conference must’ve thought I looked out of place walking around seemingly aimlessly (both inside and outside) with some older guy,  which I did – ski jackets are not seen in Zurich as casual wear. Whatever it was, the tall guy that walked toward (and then passed) me in the foyer in the dark suit looked like some assassin coming to check me out (or worse.)

When I saw him walk straight towards me against the light of the window behind him (and also staring me down,) I thought that someone had made a dreadful mistake and that this was the end for me. My heart missed a beat. For him, a possible Ethan Hunt was never to be, and that’s all he cared about.

And he was right.

Business as usual.


…until the real Ethan Hunt was spotted outside (after a change of clothes) and his plane took off without him.

All that time I suspect the older guy and myself were unwittingly being used as a Red Herring. The IMF team had found the security radio band and had conference security track us instead of the real IMF team. We were fished out, and it could have happened to anyone.


I devised a custom outfit derived from Versace 90’s gear and a James Bond print in January 2018 (in Jerusalem.)

These looks are showcased in Ormus King 2 – Lab Theft and Brazil scene.

Channel Live – Mad Izm (1995)

“I’m doing what I wanna do and sparking Mad-Izm” (1:56)

Don’t fall for any possible upcoming Hollywood counterfeits!

Wise-Up to the Ormus King Heptalogy today!

Due to the currently non-commercial and copyright protected nature of Ormus King 1-7, all upcoming films (especially Indiana Jones 5) cannot have the following beats and story points combined to any significant degree what so ever:

  1. alien-influenced-government
  2. Israel with a focus on Jerusalem and Haifa
  3. other planets
  4. a superyacht
  5. recurring dreams of grandfather
  6. Egyptology
  7. IP theft
  8. mystical powers
  9. heli chase
  10. foot chase
  11. Eagle symbology
  12. Jail escape
  13. human levitation
  14. ormus / mystical substance
  15. alien companionship and technology (invisibility / levitation)
  16. stadium spectacle
  17. helicopter kidnapping

and this refers to Ormus King 1 only.

Ormus King 4 is similarly protected, which currently involves Tintin (to be replaced) in an extended dream sequence, and likewise its plot points and story beats are inaccessible without a suitable license. All beats, plot points and stories in the Ormus King series are reinforced in their validity due to the accompanying graphical mockups (and dialogue) that took considerable work and creativity to produce.