Israel Tech Scene 2006-2011

I attended a number of tech events in Israel – really I could have gone to Israel straight after uni, 4 years earlier.

The first event I attended was the IVA Annual Conference 2006 – press release. This was a great conference and Shimon Peres even accepted an award. Amazing days just before mass use of smartphones!

I had a few meetings in Herzliya Pituach after that event in order to raise finance for GrooveTip or whatever came next.

In July 2008, I went to TWS2008.

In August 2008 I attended iDrink #9 at Beach Bar in Herzliya Pituach.

Then in September I made it to Mobile Monday.

On 14 Feb 2009 while building, I attended the tech workshop Eurekamp.

(See me at timecodes 3.14, 3.22, 6:03, 10:38, 12:20)

Below pic 1 below was used for an Ormus King 1 scene, in pic 3 Yossi Vardi can be seen sitting. Pic 4 are notes for the talk I gave – Web Conglomerate.

After Twitya, I attended the TechAviv Town Hall Meeting on 2 Sep ’09 having already begun work on Bopgig.

Then I submitted a business plan on 17 Nov ’09 into the TechAviv Angels group for judgement regarding Bopgig.

I proceeded with Bopgig using US-based developers after that comp.

In April 2011, I went to TheMarker Com.Vention while still working on Bopgig.

And that was my final tech conference attended in Israel… for now!



2006: Launchpad Israel launches, is hijacked, then lands!

In October 2006 while staying at the Petra Hostel in Jerusalem, I built and launched the website Launchpad Israel. I did this while working as a night-watchman.

LPI was a tech blog (and CMS) running on Xoops (like GrooveTip.) A well known tech blogger at the time covered it and I was actually caught off-guard as I hadn’t really promoted it to anyone as yet.

[pic 1 src | pic 2 src]

LPI screenshot [7 January 2007]:

As with all my projects, I put a lot of heart into the site and improved the logo.

The site was even defaced in December 2006 but it wasn’t a significant attack in terms of data loss.

[pic 2 src] didn’t run for a long time and I closed it with mixed emotion – it was too time-consuming. I kept the domain and started a twitter in December 2008 which took on a more geopolitical activist slant – and I was actually interacting with people. I stopped that eventually (it felt futile) but kept the twitter handle while resetting it in about 2012.

Old retweets of @launchpadisrael can be found here and there are many, e.g:

Note: my Nom de Plume on twitter was Commander LPI – this was a character I took on for dramatic effect.

2020: the LPI guy lives!

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HXRY – MRFREEZE (feat. Jeff Doubleday) (2020)


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