2010 – The fight for peace

Adrian Wajsbrem: “Everyone, Jewish people around the world, and even non-Jews, who like the idea of Israel, and a Jewish Israel, and a Jewish Israel shared with other cultures and religions, should come here in peace, and not try and claim it, claim the land from the Jews.” (January, 2010)

October 2008:

“Jerusalem, the town of whoever’s here, it’s your town, ideally people that want peace – ‘piss’ – well you’ve gotta fight for peace, which means there’s always a war for peace.” (October, 2008)

Brighter Days

From the time I moved into the Great Twitya Pad to the time I left, there was always something going on. Life could’ve been much worse though.

By May 2008, I found myself back at Hayarkon hostel, Tel Aviv:

Then, after pondering what to do, I decided to return to acting so I took these headshots and sent them to the talent agency who had already spotted me in Jerusalem in 2005:

This led to my first extras role since my 2005 role as a Roman soldier for a History/NatGeo documentary (Mount Zion):

At the hostel, another Australian guest took issue with me living at the hostel even after making ‘aaliyah.’ Regardless, I found myself wanting to leave anyhow.

Soon after I found the Great Twitya Pad while literally walking up the street (just after dark) with my bags after grabbing a newspaper. Whoever picked up my phone call first had my business. I was so keen to find brighter days.

Many people door knocked. I rarely answered because they were strangers.

Outside my door was another door into a corridor and groups would congregate, chatter, unlock the door and then close it behind them. So it was noisy but it didn’t matter. It was far better than nothing at all.

During my time at the Great Twitya Pad starting in mid 2008, I returned to Tsfat and attended a few tech events.

I’d also go rollerblading to Tel Aviv port and the skatepark.

I ended up in a number of film, TV and advertising productions including Bena and David and Kamal. I also acted with a small dog in a Chevrolet advertisement.

In February 2009 while working diligently on Twitya, there was a callout to do this supermarket TV ad. It was a welcome break (and brake) to my train of thought!

These activities continued into 2009 before I left to Jerusalem in early 2010. By that stage I had lost hair and developed adult acne in that apartment, which all soon dissipated. I had trouble with Hebrew but I felt I was moving forward regardless. I had already learned Hebrew in primary school for 6 years, so I could speak and read it pretty well.

So in terms of Brighter Days:

Seek, and you shall find – Luke 11:9

I was visiting the Dolder, Zurich, and there was lots of security for some type of conference:

Security at the conference must’ve thought I looked out of place walking around seemingly aimlessly (both inside and outside) with some older guy,  which I did – ski jackets are not seen in Zurich as casual wear. Whatever it was, the tall guy that walked toward (and then passed) me in the foyer in the dark suit looked like some assassin coming to check me out (or worse.)

When I saw him walk straight towards me against the light of the window behind him (and also staring me down,) I thought that someone had made a dreadful mistake and that this was the end for me. My heart missed a beat. For him, a possible Ethan Hunt was never to be, and that’s all he cared about.

And he was right.

Business as usual.


…until the real Ethan Hunt was spotted outside (after a change of clothes) and his plane took off without him.

All that time I suspect the older guy and myself were unwittingly being used as a Red Herring. The IMF team had found the security radio band and had conference security track us instead of the real IMF team. We were fished out, and it could have happened to anyone.