Social Proof, not Social Goof!

Perception creates reality but in Lenny Kravitz’s case (and probably mine,) I think reality eventually creates perception.

In 1992 (above) I owned the Digipak edition of LK’s 2nd album (below left) and in 1993 I owned the Digipak of album 3:

My dad’s first reaction was to his name – okay so he must be Jewish!

However, my beloved Mama Said ended up severely scratched after I lent it out to a school friend in 1993.

Anyway, on 12 Feb 1994 I saw LK in concert and I even bought a long-sleeved t-shirt – but that’s over now.

Lenny Kravitz – It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over (live, 1995)

During this time LK wasn’t really hard, manly or grungy enough to be universally accepted, at least at my school. I just liked his music. Image was secondary to me, if not completely irrelevant.

In Newcastle, Daniel Johns was bashed because he wasn’t masculine enough, and his music was already pretty heavy.

They were the cool guys, we were just the others guys that were in a band that wasn’t as masculine. (1:00)

In May 2018, I took this photo in Atlit, Israel and by September Lenny had his album cover on the shelves:

Today a rainbow literally appeared in front of me through the trees as I started playing this on drums, and it dissipated by the end.

It’s in my squint at 0:29 … It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over… yeah… tell that to the Social Goofs who stare at the rainbows that no one else are yet to see!


Ormus King Legal Defense and Closure

In the video below I mention the completion of Ormus King 8 which really entails a new episode (Moon Stop) inserted prior to 1 and additional bits added into the pre-existing 7. It is complete in the sense that the concept is complete – from the present day into the messianic age with full spectrum world-building (Earth and off-planet.)

Also, a new idea would be to include a wanderer into various episodes.

The finale also entails the resurrection of the Statue of Liberty (from the ocean) and at the same time the Third Temple is shown within day-to-day life. This also alludes to the friendship between the USA and Israel. Israel is fully restored to include all the previously lost tribes – Israel’s present day shortcoming in my view. A full restoration of all these tribes also continues into the messianic age as people gain insights into their bloodline origins through their own intuition (as opposed to just using the wisdom stones.)

Man: I never knew what liberty meant until now
Woman: It’s not really freedom-to as in new choices it’s freedom-from choice as a whole
Man: I think you’re getting carried away here
Woman: [looking at seat] gee, I hope not
Man: I have to say [looking at the statue reinstalled and then seat] better never than late. I’m good right here, right now
Woman: Me too [hug]
Adrian Boron: Do you mind if I have a seat? [winks and smiles]
[Woman looks at man]
Woman: We have no choice
AB: That’s right [smiles, everyone laughs]


The scales of justice relate to fairness in the judicial process. They indicate that each side of a case will be considered in a court case. Additionally, the scales underscore that decisions will be made by weighing the evidence in a fair manner. The sword symbolizes Lady Justice’s authority to make decisions. ~source


Ormus King Legal Defense

The Ormus King heptalogy is now closed to commercial licenses. Any (and all) commercial entities still using it (if there are any) as the primary basis for their work may have legal action taken against them.

This new position (cease and desist) supersedes previous posts regarding the option to purchase a commercial license.

[A tweet insert was originally placed here and removed on April 18 when the tweet was deleted. Deleting it is (and was) of no consequence to the stance stated above which remains unchanged.]

Ormus King Legal Defense

Absorbing the Ormus of the Roaring 40s.

Not just rewarding the past…
but securing the future!

Ormus King (all seven stories) are currently under commercial copyright restriction to protect their value, especially with regards to their future monetisation based upon upcoming film and literary projects that are either planned, being financed and/or underway. This could take more than 10 years to achieve (in alignment with other projects of the author.) However, with the progression of time comes improved and less expensive technologies to make realtime-VFX films more feasible.

Furthermore, copyright infringement undermines attribution rights given to underlying creators, and usurps the reputational benefits had correct attribution been given in the first place.

It is for these reasons that it can be appreciated that copyright infringement is even a criminal offense in some cases. That even seems more appropriate when something is offered in good faith and it is outright stolen in return.

Copyright God / יהוה

Ormus King Legal Defense

To whom it may concern:

This is a notice of liability that anyone currently using (or wishing) to use the Ormus King heptalogy is required to buy a commercial license to overcome its non-commercial restrictions.

This includes usage in “private settings” that do not indicate direct and explicit commercial usage of the heptalogy to the public, as yet. Not only is this against the spirit of the license and not conducive to fair commerce, but having me involved I strongly believe will lead to a better finished product.

Ormus King Legal Defense is a natural progression to the GoFundMe campaign and seeks to protect all current and future Ormus King Intellectual Property from unauthorized usage and violation through any and all legal avenues required, at any time.

It is designed to be an evergreen fund with a fundraising target of AUD $222,222,230.

This large amount is designed to flow into the production budget (that is still relatively small) depending on the nature and severity of legal action needed and underway.

Its first step involves notices-of-liability to be posted here on this blog to whom they may concern regarding Ormus King stories 1-7.


Channel Live – Mad Izm (1995)

“I’m doing what I wanna do and sparking Mad-Izm” (1:56)

Don’t fall for any possible upcoming Hollywood counterfeits!

Wise-Up to the Ormus King Heptalogy today!

Due to the currently non-commercial and copyright protected nature of Ormus King 1-7, all upcoming films (especially Indiana Jones 5) cannot have the following beats and story points combined to any significant degree what so ever:

  1. alien-influenced-government
  2. Israel with a focus on Jerusalem and Haifa
  3. other planets
  4. a superyacht
  5. recurring dreams of grandfather
  6. Egyptology
  7. IP theft
  8. mystical powers
  9. heli chase
  10. foot chase
  11. Eagle symbology
  12. Jail escape
  13. human levitation
  14. ormus / mystical substance
  15. alien companionship and technology (invisibility / levitation)
  16. stadium spectacle
  17. helicopter kidnapping

and this refers to Ormus King 1 only.

Ormus King 4 is similarly protected, which currently involves Tintin (to be replaced) in an extended dream sequence, and likewise its plot points and story beats are inaccessible without a suitable license. All beats, plot points and stories in the Ormus King series are reinforced in their validity due to the accompanying graphical mockups (and dialogue) that took considerable work and creativity to produce.