kyuzi – quixotic (w/ tjb) (2020)


Four thieves vinegar is a concoction of vinegar infused with herbs, spices or garlic that was believed to protect users from the plague. The usual story declares that a group of thieves during a European plague outbreak were robbing the dead or the sick (with this recipe.) ~ Wikipedia


Huey Lewis & the News – The FORE! Tour (live, 1986)
– John Brack The bar 1954


Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It for You (1991)
+ Archaeology of Light: Erieta Attali (book)

Look into your heart – you will find
There’s nothin’ there to hide
Take me as I am, take my life
I would give it all, I would sacrifice


Tintin and the Ormus King – Chalice of Malice
+ Nathaniel Dance – The Pybus Family (1769)

Intro sequence (the great dream precursor)

[Adrian Boron and Rosalind are working at the Ormus Research Institute office in Melbourne.  There are a few worldwide, including Israel. Both have family in Australia.]
[2025 shown across screen]
Adrian: Our wedding in June, do you think we’d of been better off having the wedding in Israel?
Rosalind: There’s a lot to let go of, but I think what we’re doing is right.. we got the grants and permits for ormus exploration and research here, and the wedding will be beyond good.
Adrian: Best to swim with the current than against it. Right?
Rosalind: Right.
Adrian: But Salmon are the strongest.
Rosalind: Strong yes… but the strongest? I don’t think so.
Adrian: When smoked, they’re not. They’re the tastiest.
Rosalind: Haha. Focusing on the big day for a sec, I’m heading to the Gardens House today, wanna come?
Adrian: Ahh, I need to head home, I’m knackered.
Rosalind: I’ll stop and smell the roses for you.

[at this point he goes home, falls asleep, and the story goes into dream mode, the period between then and his wedding is not included in the story… in its place is the dream’s timeframe.
“Notorious BIG – Juicy” starts playing as he falls asleep – straight into the lyric “It was all a dream.”
While previous OK stories have had dreams markedly different to waking life. The dream is to be remarkably lifelike, and can take all the facets of a waking life portrayal. It is a reality that’s occurred in a parallel universe, and Adrian Boron wakes up as though he’s actually lived it.]

Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
+ Jules Bastien-Lepage – October (1878)

Chalice of Malice (OK4) should be set around 5 years after the practical end of OK3 whereby the cube/seal has been installed. However, the absolute end of OK3 is further into the future with the heavenly meeting outside the museum as already described. Also, if Boron is present at this meeting, he can even be with Rosalind (not Mandy.) Also, by being 5 years in the future, the date of the wedding should be around 2024/2025 and the signage should reflect this (not 2019.)

OK5 can take place a couple of hundred years after the absolute end of OK3 when aliens reverse engineer the emissions from Earth (from the edge of the galaxy) and can create a cloaking/shielding device that enables them to come to earth while still maintaining a corrupted blueprint. This happens by accident after scientists combine minerals in a strange combination that greatly affects their body.

Adrian Boron’s life changes after the practical end of OK3, where his health improves as does everyone’s on Earth (due to the proliferation of ormus globally in the environment,) and for Chalice of Malice, he doesn’t even need to look different. Food shortages are generally unknown (see pic above) and GMO species revert to their original heirloom variety (this is a real effect of ormus – Ken Rohla.)

Boron starts working at the Ormus Research Institute in Melbourne that he helped start and that’s why he is there. Evil doesn’t disappear in the world, but it gradually starts getting resolved, hence this story. By setting OK4 5 years after the practical (not absolute) end of OK3, that gives an adequate amount of time for him to graduate with his science degree, and for his relationship to grow with Rosalind who can also be working at the institute with him.

Important Note: The bulk of this story is a dream, except the very end. However, it is a dream that closely resembles what has happened in real life. It’s like a person goes to a supermarket and buys some milk. That night they have a dream of going to a supermarket, but there is also chaos at the supermarket.  They then wake up and see the milk, and realize they went to the supermarket and got some milk, but that all the chaos stuff was only a dream. An equivalent movie of this would start as soon as the person falls asleep that night.

So as a dream for this story, the dream would occur on Adrian Boron’s wedding night, and when he sees himself in the dream at his own wedding that he just had, he wakes up with Rosalind lying next to him – this would make a great plot twist and still believable. The audience is left wondering how much of the dream was fact (ie the wedding) and how much was imagination (same with Boron.) He sees a news report of a failed revolution (but with a strange internal takeover) in an eastern European country on TV and then goes back to sleep. Also, on the bedside table are business cards of the Ormus Research Institute, which can be shown at the beginning of the film (within the dream itself.) Lastly, by being a dream, hardcore and purist fans of the Blues Brothers and Tintin have a lot less to criticize, whilst those characters can still remain unchanged from their original portrayals. The only truly bizarre aspect of having a dream is how there is a dream within this dream.

Theoretically, a person could skip watching Part 4, and go straight to Part 5 (Crimson and Clover,) without losing the plot, except for the presence of Rosalind.

Opening line: “It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! magazine”
This track plays at the beginning, and another Biggie track plays when Boron and Haddock meet at the club.

Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
+ Atelier Populaire La Lutte continue, Paris, 1968
+ further posters info

Redd White office scene

After having already seen Kurvi-Tasch speak to White, this is a better view of his office and the spying capabilities that he has of the companies in Blucorp’s portfolio. Blucorp itself has many investors (including public ones,) and his covert role is to keep the wars going and to continually divide-and-conquer wherever he can. He has his IT guy come in and show him a new system for completely monitoring all his CEOs and staff for whom he supplies finance, offices, laptops and all internet connectivity. His assistant and partner April May is a sort of cult-follower and he tells her a lot of what he is up to, although she herself has little ambition, intelligence or moral sense (and a lot of loyalty.) Redd White has a fetish for war propaganda and uprising posters. He speaks to Patty here and secretly enjoys her anguish and determination at being the rebel leader for whom he funds and promises a new weapon to “take the head off the serpent.” He lives vicariously through her, and wants to feel a part of human history, although he never wants to see anyone ‘win’ for whom he supports – they could eventually overpower him and he’d lose his “feelz and lulz.”


Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
+ Robert Adam candle stands
+ Robert Adam covered vases
+ George Stubbs – A lion attacking a horse
+ Antoine-Louis Barye bronze
+ Wedgwood vases
+ Chimneypiece from 77 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin (1780, England, Cararra + Breche marble, steel)

Sponsz introductory scene

Here at Sponsz’s place Henry Sponsz (foreground) is speaking to his hitman/psychiatrist/friend Muller (background.) Henry mentions to Muller the need to help out his boss/partner/friend Redd White who is developing a weapon for the Bordurian theater through White’s investee firm Scimitar and its CEO, Hokeler (Henry could also be invested in this company – it is not known, he might even want to invest later.)

Even though Henry Sponsz introduced Redd White to Patty, Henry does not know that Redd White also knows Kurvi-Tasch after White later reached out to him personally (they have mutual acquaintances.) Thus Henry (and Hokeler) think their weapon is going to Patty and they are the ‘good guys.’ They don’t know that White wants the weapon to go to Kurvi-Tasch as alluded to in the previous scene so he can make more money and prolong the war (White’s own backers might want that too.)

As such, Redd White is paying Sponsz, Muller (and Violette) to help out Hokeler with weapons testing and ‘hits’ – whatever is needed to ensure business continuity and Sponsz is also helping with his links to government (his brother is a political leader) and other various insiders.

Muller figurine