Ormus King Legal Defense and Closure

In the video below I mention the completion of Ormus King 8 which really entails a new episode (Moon Stop) inserted prior to 1 and additional bits added into the pre-existing 7. It is complete in the sense that the concept is complete – from the present day into the messianic age with full spectrum world-building (Earth and off-planet.)

Also, a new idea would be to include a wanderer into various episodes.

The finale also entails the resurrection of the Statue of Liberty (from the ocean) and at the same time the Third Temple is shown within day-to-day life. This also alludes to the friendship between the USA and Israel. Israel is fully restored to include all the previously lost tribes – Israel’s present day shortcoming in my view. A full restoration of all these tribes also continues into the messianic age as people gain insights into their bloodline origins through their own intuition (as opposed to just using the wisdom stones.)

Man: I never knew what liberty meant until now
Woman: It’s not really freedom-to as in new choices it’s freedom-from choice as a whole
Man: I think you’re getting carried away here
Woman: [looking at seat] gee, I hope not
Man: I have to say [looking at the statue reinstalled and then seat] better never than late. I’m good right here, right now
Woman: Me too [hug]
Adrian Boron: Do you mind if I have a seat? [winks and smiles]
[Woman looks at man]
Woman: We have no choice
AB: That’s right [smiles, everyone laughs]


The bulk of the landmarks went to the moon, but others became gifts to other races, or were leased out (or auctioned.) The aliens were careful not to take landmarks that might have had people in (or on) them during extraction (eg buildings), as they didn’t want to cause a loss of life. They also didn’t want to disrupt life, so they didn’t take objects like bridges. They also promised to return the objects eventually, and also offer free “moon tours.” The aliens were benevolent dictators of sorts.

On Earth, there were many apologists that supported the aliens – mainly those people who were transformed, yet others feared something worse could happen and thus succumbed to the aliens’ dominance and influence. Many humans genuinely liked the aliens. Due to the preexisting war, others thought that by supporting the aliens it would speed up the coming of the messiah. People that were transformed could share their blood and transform other people – either by choice or force.

On Earth, there became a war between the Sympathizers and Earth-cores. There were Sympathizers who would even inject their transformed blood into Earth-cores.

Also, for the aliens there was a war between the Earth-lovers and the purists. For the alien purists, they didn’t want to target Earth as they had such high respect for them that they wanted their bloodlines to remain pure – even from them. These were aliens who had already caused “death by assimilation” to many other alien races.

The shit really hits the fan by the end of the story when the Sympathizers (humans) teamed up with the Earth-lovers (aliens) and the Earth-cores (humans) teamed up with, ironically, the alien purists (aliens).

As mentioned later, in the case of Moon Stop being part of Ormus King, the bulk of the objects will remain on the moon, but the warring factions end up killing each other – there is no winner.

For above:

Alien 1: I can’t take this any longer [presses a button to release the Statue of Liberty]
Alien 2: What are you doing? This belongs to us now.
Alien 1: No it doesn’t. I don’t believe in this “cross cultural union” – not for Earth anyway.
Alien 3: We’ll need to review our procedures.

Naval officer 1: I told you not to shoot. It might’ve damaged the statue.
Naval officer 2: It’s not even that, as I’ve said, I’m more than happy for them to take it, but the statue just dropped out the sky.
Naval officer 3: We’ll need to review our procedures.

One of the main themes of this story is the Right Hand Path vs the Left Hand Path, and how dissent is created and even the most unlikely of alliances are formed – and eventually resolved.