I was visiting the Dolder, Zurich, and there was lots of security for some type of conference:

Security at the conference must’ve thought I looked out of place walking around seemingly aimlessly (both inside and outside) with some older guy,  which I did – ski jackets are not seen in Zurich as casual wear. Whatever it was, the tall guy that walked toward (and then passed) me in the foyer in the dark suit looked like some assassin coming to check me out (or worse.)

When I saw him walk straight towards me against the light of the window behind him (and also staring me down,) I thought that someone had made a dreadful mistake and that this was the end for me. My heart missed a beat. For him, a possible Ethan Hunt was never to be, and that’s all he cared about.

And he was right.

Business as usual.


…until the real Ethan Hunt was spotted outside (after a change of clothes) and his plane took off without him.

All that time I suspect the older guy and myself were unwittingly being used as a Red Herring. The IMF team had found the security radio band and had conference security track us instead of the real IMF team. We were fished out, and it could have happened to anyone.