Not everyone sells out!

Keep calm it’s probably just Unreal Engine


Ormus King Legal Defense and Closure

In the video below I mention the completion of Ormus King 8 which really entails a new episode (Moon Stop) inserted prior to 1 and additional bits added into the pre-existing 7. It is complete in the sense that the concept is complete – from the present day into the messianic age with full spectrum world-building (Earth and off-planet.)

Also, a new idea would be to include a wanderer into various episodes.

The finale also entails the resurrection of the Statue of Liberty (from the ocean) and at the same time the Third Temple is shown within day-to-day life. This also alludes to the friendship between the USA and Israel. Israel is fully restored to include all the previously lost tribes – Israel’s present day shortcoming in my view. A full restoration of all these tribes also continues into the messianic age as people gain insights into their bloodline origins through their own intuition (as opposed to just using the wisdom stones.)

Man: I never knew what liberty meant until now
Woman: It’s not really freedom-to as in new choices it’s freedom-from choice as a whole
Man: I think you’re getting carried away here
Woman: [looking at seat] gee, I hope not
Man: I have to say [looking at the statue reinstalled and then seat] better never than late. I’m good right here, right now
Woman: Me too [hug]
Adrian Boron: Do you mind if I have a seat? [winks and smiles]
[Woman looks at man]
Woman: We have no choice
AB: That’s right [smiles, everyone laughs]


Extra Notes on Brigitte v1.0 – street spotted

Brigitte, on exchange in Salt Lake City and working at Snowbird [pic 3,4, 3/2003 – see USA throwback] part-time (whilst also studying English) was spotted on the street by a talent agency looking for Asian women. Her first role was in a documentary about Utah’s Latino and Asian populations [pic 5, 2005]. She ended up in a number of commercials, documentaries, films and TV shows after submitting head-shots of herself [pic 1,2 2008]

Due to her limited English, she only found herself in non-speaking or minimal dialogue roles but found the on-set experience useful. She was able to translate this experience back in China to more work.