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Ormus King Octology vs Disney Star Wars


(updated 14 July, 2020)

I recently watched the 2 videos below and started wondering about all the plot, visual and theme similarities between Ormus King and Star Wars ep 8+9, especially due to the fact that they were developed in the same time period.

In summary, The Rise of Skywalker seems to be a half-baked amalgamation of “Star Wars: Impossible Redemption” + OK3 + OK5 + OK7 with additional  layers to enable it to fit into the new Star Wars universe.

To me, JJ Abrams attempted to create a cosmology: something which Ormus King has but Star Wars does not. Additionally, the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy wrecked the hero-archetype and journey and this is its main social failure and cause for social upheaval. Ormus King corrects this.

These are the similarities that I found.


OK1 (21 May 2017) – flying:

SW8 (December 2017) – Leia flying:

Problem: In terms of Leia flying, this has received much criticism and some praise, but my concern is Leia straight ripping off Adrian Boron – even if flying originated in the mainstream with Mary Poppins, the trend of unscrupulous copying begins and becomes significant whereby Star Wars ep9 may likely cause confusion with Ormus King.



OK3 >> Star Wars 9
Planet Velox >> Planet Exegol (evil purpose)
Planet Velox >> Planet Pasaana (underground caverns + lifeforms)
Barahn >> Dark Lord of the Sith
Emerald Order crystal & cave map >> Sith Wayfinder
Soul Harvest Syndicate (SHS) >> Sith Eternal
SHS Temple and Outpost >> Sith Citadel

OK3 (July, August 2018)

SW9 (Dec, 2019)



OK7 (19 September 2019) Healing through touch and accessing a higher dimension:

Eve: Where are we?
JS: I’m not sure, the 4th density perhaps.
[Eve points to a dying flower]
Eve: For it to die here is unusual
JS: Say again
[JS places hand near it – it comes back to life due to his pure intention]
Eve: oh my god, I’ve finally met …
JS: …Jai Shimon, accessing the Wisdom Realm
Eve: Where’s that?
JS: “You go into the Wisdom Realm when you follow the creator’s path.” [Akashic and Intelligence Dimensions]

SW9 (Dec, 2019) – Force Healing:



OK3 (July, August 2018) – fetch quest:

SW9 – the “double fetch quest” (ROSACCF – 17:52) is not an exact clone of OK3, but it is highly comparable in style and visual language:

Extra problem: “There simply isn’t time for much rumination in The Rise of Skywalker, even though the main plot amounts to little more than a video-gamey fetch quest that hops from planet to planet in search of magic doohickeys that will plot a course to the next set piece.” The Most Incoherent Star Wars Movie Ever Made



OK2 (August 2017) – Juxtaposing horses and medieval weapons onto warring spacecraft:

SW9 – How Are They Breathing in Space | Rise Of Skywalker

Extra problem: Are they breathing in space? Difficult for people to accept.



“Star Wars: Impossible Redemption, ep 8” (Jan 2016)

Redeeming Kylo Ren is something I always wanted to see:

SW9 – ​Han Solo Meets Kylo Ren Scene – Star Wars : The Rise Of Skywalker (2019)

Extra problem: “The Rise of Skywalker is uninterested in telling a story of process; it is a film that only seems able to relay narrative information in events. It is a film unable to articulate context past the confines of the frame or the scene.” Star Wars: Why Kylo Ren’s Redemption in The Rise of Skywalker Misses the Point



OK6 (11 Sep 2019)

Long-lived Skrim (OK7) personifies the source of evil (but is beyond it.) Skrim empowers evil across all worlds – he is at the top of the pyramid whereby “rebellions are made up of fallen souls who can influence lifeforms through psychic intrusion.”


Palpatine is “one bad guy pulling the strings behind all nine movies” Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Palpatine Prequel

“My boy, I have been every voice you have ever heard, inside your head.” (17 December 2019, 0:11)

Thus, the concept of “psychic intrusion” gets implemented in The Rise of Skywalker trailer 3 months after I put it into writing in OK6:

Extra problem: While bringing back Palpatine had been discussed in April, 2019 – it was done in a way that copied Ormus King 7 through psychic intrusion and to me this seems to be SW9’s most egregious rip-off of Ormus King (and my thinking behind it.)



OK5 (21 December 2019)

OK3 >> Star Wars 9
Rippy >> Snoke

“Rippy then stares at the original Idris in suspension similar to the clones in The Prestige.”


The clone tank is visually re-implemented here (ROSACCF – 11:08

Extra problem: “Instead of being a formidable character in his own right, Snoke turned out to be nothing more than a clone who was being puppeteered by Emperor Palpatine.” The Rise of Skywalker Made Snoke’s Last Jedi Death Worse



OK7 (19 September 2019)

A main protagonist channelling a higher power to destroy an opposing army :

[the demons surround them at the summit of the mountain pyramid]
Gog: [loudly to couple] zero prisoners taken
Eve: zero fucks given
Gog: [raises hands to execution squad, makes eye contact with JS]
Jai Shimon: I surrender [both arms raised and drops head]
[lightning bolt comes from JS’s body and vapourizes the entire army]


Palpatine’s exaggerated force-lightning to incapacitate the opposing fleet.
Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker In Force (19:51):

Extra problem: Palpatine’s rise to supremacy was about tempting people away from the light (via deception and fear) and then infecting them with his brand of darkness. Here he becomes some type of supercharged Marvel villain and thus a misappropriation of his core raison d’etre.

The End!


A View to a Shrill

Nothing is permanent except change, but don’t quote me on it!

In the 2010’s, I lived in central Jerusalem and from my balcony I observed various things.

Once there was a group of Ethiopian girls chatting. Another time on the same stairs I saw a guy roughing up his girlfriend while kissing her. He did the same thing to another girl the following day. It wasn’t  something I liked focusing in on.

One night I was fast asleep and woke to loud voices and strange sounds. Barely awake, I went to the balcony and saw down below a mob and they weren’t about to sing Kumbaya!

The group had come from a nearby Ethiopian bar. Further reinforcements were rolling in – and not of the police kind. It was about 3am and the streets were otherwise dead. It looked like there was going to be some type of brawl. It was hard to tell what was happening (or going to happen.)

I didn’t like it. I felt I had to cause a distraction – fast. Yelling would be ridiculous so I went inside and found my cowbell!

Years earlier I stopped a bag-snatching mid-way through the attack in a similar situation.

I started playing really loudly and being concrete everywhere, the cowbell’s shrill bounced around the whole courtyard. I was lying down because I didn’t want anyone to see me. However, the ground was cold and blocking my ears was difficult.

I peered over the ledge. There seemed to be a verbal fight concentrated under the arches.

Latin clave rhythms for the win!

People started losing focus and looking around for a drummer. Soon enough the mob dissipated and I could go back to sleep.

Other nicer things to happen on my balcony were sprouts, compost, snow and starting the search for Ormus.

I also made Orgonite from crystals purchased on Ebay.

C’est la vie!

Latest street message (on-demand):

Problem: Bal (בַּעַל) / Idol Worship / Tunnel Vision
Solution: Evolution via the King / Light at the end of the Tunnel / Exit

“Evolving for the future.”

In Judaism, a ba’al teshuvah is a Jew from a secular background who becomes religiously observant. ~ wikipedia

The Hebrew Bible includes use of the term in reference to various Levantine deities, often with application towards Hadad, who was decried as a false god. That use was taken over into Christianity and Islam, sometimes under the opprobrious form Beelzebub in demonology. ~ wikipedia

Pyramid Power

I came up with Ormus King 7 (then 6) while camping at the Goldsborough Valley campground in September 2019. I never planned on it happening.

(map source)

This area was (and still is) an ancient aboriginal tribal meeting point. I’m not surprised.

I would wake up with very powerful visions for the story when the night before I had no idea what to imagine or write — too much information to process.

I doubt I could have come up with this story – which sees the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem anywhere else – even in Jerusalem itself. I lived in Jerusalem from 2010 – 2018 and came up with Ormus King 1 + 2 in 2017.

The power and significance of this place owes to its closeness to Walsh’s Pyramid, the world’s highest natural freestanding pyramid and also Bellenden Ker and Bartle Frere – Queensland’s highest mountains. It also sits next to the Mulgrave River. But who knows, maybe those things came after its significance was determined somehow.

Another way to look at the area is as a natural anti-depressant.

The area is not remote however. In Far North Queensland, mountains and national parks are intertwined into the city areas.

(map source)

As I headed into October, the March flies arrived and were simply unbearable – much worse than mosquitoes because of their painful bite and they attack a moving target.

The devil lurks

During the writing of this story, I encountered (and reported) a shoplifter at Jay Car in Cairns, a 45 min drive away – and that made me think – perhaps my story was (and still is) being used (ie stolen) somehow? Time will tell.


September 12 Update:

Ormus King 7 was precipitated by thinking about bible stories whilst on the road in Queensland and then applying them to modern-day environments starting on 26 July, 2019:

and then completing the main story on 29 October, 2019:

Interestingly, Pharrell Williams (with Deadmau5) has his own musical take on the creation myth and the Tree of Knowledge as mentioned in this  interview (9 June, 2020) resulting in the song Pomegranate:


Jewish tradition teaches that the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness because it is said to have 613 seeds, which corresponds with the 613 mitzvot, or commandments, of the Torah. ~ source

The David Rubenstein Show – Paul Singer – (Strategies for Successful Investing – Elliott Management) (2017)

4 min version
24 min version

In a 2017 interview, Singer was asked to describe what he wanted the “headline” of his life to be. He paused for several moments before saying, “He tried to make a difference. He protected a lot of people’s capital over a long period of time. He was steady, reliable.” (source or at 23:08 above)

I myself have had many ideas about how companies should improve themselves, for example by producing a better product or website. I have also seen many of my submitted ideas implemented – but not with Sun Microsystems.

Note: regarding my strategic vision for Sun (link above or pic 2 below), I am still left wondering why’s shutdown screen (a news site that briefly reported on the strategy back in 2003) is not accurate today as to when it itself began. Seems like it should read 2001 and not 2006, what am I missing? It was only acquired in 2006.

ref: 1 2 3 4

However, the whole idea of activist investing is new to me. It’s like management consulting on steroids.

Today, imagining myself as an activist investor (or working closely with one,) I would investigate, test and eventually install free energy devices into pre-existing energy infrastructure. Regardless of outcome, that process should be broadcast live and also turned into a documentary.

Ormus King Legal Defense and Closure

In the video below I mention the completion of Ormus King 8 which really entails a new episode (Moon Stop) inserted prior to 1 and additional bits added into the pre-existing 7. It is complete in the sense that the concept is complete – from the present day into the messianic age with full spectrum world-building (Earth and off-planet.)

Also, a new idea would be to include a wanderer into various episodes.

The finale also entails the resurrection of the Statue of Liberty (from the ocean) and at the same time the Third Temple is shown within day-to-day life. This also alludes to the friendship between the USA and Israel. Israel is fully restored to include all the previously lost tribes – Israel’s present day shortcoming in my view. A full restoration of all these tribes also continues into the messianic age as people gain insights into their bloodline origins through their own intuition (as opposed to just using the wisdom stones.)

Man: I never knew what liberty meant until now
Woman: It’s not really freedom-to as in new choices it’s freedom-from choice as a whole
Man: I think you’re getting carried away here
Woman: [looking at seat] gee, I hope not
Man: I have to say [looking at the statue reinstalled and then seat] better never than late. I’m good right here, right now
Woman: Me too [hug]
Adrian Boron: Do you mind if I have a seat? [winks and smiles]
[Woman looks at man]
Woman: We have no choice
AB: That’s right [smiles, everyone laughs]