2000: Kundalini – the untold tales.

A week ago a new series started called “The K Files – Kundalini Secrets Revealed” and this reminded me of the late 90s when I became highly interested in the topics of eastern religion, metaphysics, mysticism, New Age, health and Ascension.

What really interested me back then were tales of true Kundalini awakenings whereby:

In personal accounts of the rising of kundalini, there is an endless array of emotions, strange thoughts, and visions, but descriptions of physical signs and symptoms or actual sensations are rare.

source: Sanella M.D. (1976) Kundalini – Psychosis or Transcendence? [page 7]

Back then I was under the impression that:

When allowed to progress to completion, the Kundalini process culminates in deep psychological balance, strength, and maturity.

source: Hansen (1995) Schizophrenia or Spiritual Crisis? On “Raising the Kundalini” and Its Diagnostic Classification

So in early 2000 I setup a website and published actual accounts of awakenings collected from forums and over email.

I received lots of solid feedback from the guest book including:

Andy: Very informative page! Good to share these experiences without risking being treated as psychotic. I believe that mainly the subconscious is doing this... (May, 2004)

Christine: I deeply appreciate this site.. I can find no other like it... (November, 2002)

Mike: Thanks for the kind words and interest in my experience. It means a lot to be acknowledged like that. (June, 2002)

The real crux of the matter is that there is a vast chasm between “good” Kundalini awakenings and “bad” ones. So for those that go about trying to awaken the Kundalini, one has to wonder why on Earth would you want to do that? I mean, do you feel lucky punk?