(last update: 29 March 2021)

Ormus King is currently an ennealogy (9) of stories that lay the groundwork for screenplays and novels to be created. However, the stories can also be read “as-is” and appreciated like any other pictorial-narrative work. Copyrighted works placed in scene mockups are used in the realm of fair-use and fan-fiction. The stories are now all under full copyright protection. Notes:

  • Indiana Jones as a character can be used in OK2-4 but also completely pulled out and substituted with an alternate imagined fictional character independent of Disney.
  • Also see articles Ormus King Octology vs Disney Star Wars (14 July 2020) and how I wrote Ormus King 9: Pyramid Power (7 June 2020).
  • Ormus King 2 and 3 were borne out of this Jerusalem apartment in 2017.

Below are the posters for each, with further elaboration below that with links for full viewing. Please note: the numbering is wrong because more episodes have been added since their creation.










Ormus King 1 – View here
– Better never than late!
Creation period: April – May 2020
Creation location: Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia
Presented on my future-secured blog.
Ultimate hero: Jicksy / TBA
– A crazy alien cult starts pillaging iconic Earth-based objects and places them on the moon in cargo-cult reverence. One top alien commander defects and an entire intergalactic war ensues.
– Enables elements to be inserted into OK9 to give an underlying tension to the whole series and a better finale to OK9.
– Not as detailed as the other stories but still a solid plot and a crucial addition to the series.

Ormus King 2 – View here
Titles: White Stuff / Indiana Jones and the Ormus King
– Fake it until you make it.
– Some dude finds himself in a daring battle to empower humanity over a mysterious substance called Ormus.
Creation period: April – June 2017
Creation location: Jerusalem, Israel
Ultimate hero: Team effort
Presented on Facebook.
Notes: 65 slide storyboard. Charts the story of a science student who begins delivering pizzas but then discovers a strange substance mixed into ground-rock in Israel that enables him to levitate. Includes music selections and script. Ormus can be akin to the fountain-of-youth.

Ormus King 2 has beats involving:

  1. aliens-in-government
  2. Israel with a focus on Jerusalem and Haifa
  3. other planets
  4. a superyacht
  5. recurring dreams of grandfather
  6. Egyptology
  7. IP theft
  8. mystical powers
  9. heli chase
  10. foot chase
  11. Eagle symbology
  12. Jail escape
  13. human levitation
  14. ormus / mystical substance
  15. alien companionship and technology (invisibility / levitation)
  16. stadium spectacle
  17. helicopter kidnapping

Ormus King 3 – prologue story | main story
Titles: Aerial Encounter / Live Free or Die Trying
Tagline: A religious stunt ends up as a terrifying struggle to unlock a new golden age for Earth.
Creation period: July – August 2017
Creation location: Jerusalem, Israel
Ultimate hero: Indiana Jones
Presented on Facebook.
Notes: 65 slide storyboard. Follows directly after part 2 when the protagonist uncovers a secret pyramid activation chamber on the Temple Mount and must fend off advanced aliens who want to steer mankind in a very malevolent way. Includes music selections and script.

Ormus King 4 – View here
Titles: Perfect System / The Resurrection
– When everything is going wrong, something *has to* go right!
– A mission on another planet leads to consequences that defy the imagination.
Creation period: July 2018
Creation location: Atlit, Israel
Ultimate hero: Perril
Presented on Facebook.
Notes: 25 slide storyboard. Follows directly after part 3. A team of friends uncover a hugely nefarious organization taking control of life throughout the universe and must work toward restoring evolution to its rightful direction – universal ascension.

Ormus King 5 – View here
Titles: Chalice of Malice / Dream Team / Tintin and the Ormus King
– A new tactical weapon keeps the dream alive for a better life.
– A dream team forms to neutralize a foe enabling lethal conflict worldwide.
Creation period: December 2018 – March 2019
Creation location: Melbourne, Australia
Ultimate hero: Team effort / Bikey gang
Presented on my future-secured blog.
Notes: The story of a dream and includes references to war financing. Includes use of characters in Tintin, Blues Brothers and ET. These characters could be switched to other ones if need be.

Ormus King 6 – View here
Title: Heartcarve – The Movie
– No one ever got such huge stoke so easily. Then people got envious. Especially Zimmy!
– No one ever made winning stoke look so easy. Then people got jealous. Especially Zimmy!
Creation period: December 2019 – January 2020
Creation location: Tasmania, Australia
Ultimate hero: Danny
Presented on my future-secured blog.
Notes: Based on my experience researching, designing, marketing and testing a pair of custom skis from 2007-2015 in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Austria and Switzerland. Story includes a cross-cultural US/China relationship. The public already aware of Heartcarve via ski forums.

Ormus King 7 – View here
Title: Dad!
– Dad, can we get rid of this guy already?! / Errorism / Belly of the Beast / Funneled
Creation period: February – March 2021
Creation location: Tasmania, Australia
Ultimate hero: Adrian Boron, Sycamore, Danny and Brigitte
– Humans are controlled and dominated from a far-off planet for their eventual replacement by a reptilian alien cult that hijack Earth’s technology systems.
– Ties in with Skrim outside Eden as an (as yet) untouchable enemy. The duplicitous and dangerous Idris  also survives.
– 4 existing characters return in central heroic roles.
– Explores the themes of AI and an over-reliance (and worship) of technology.
– Draws upon stories, ideas and scenes previously created on the blog.

Ormus King 8 – View here
Crimson and Clover / Your Future is now Secured
Tagline: Your Future is now Secured
Creation period: April 2019 – June 2019
Creation location: Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia
Presented on my future-secured blog.
Ultimate hero: Jai Shimon
Notes: This story is very much about miracles – things that would absolutely never happen in day-to-day life and point to a higher power who can do absolutely anything to his/her/its creation at any time (especially via the use of mystical masters) with the overarching purpose of making creation more deeply connected with its creator. Follows the path of brother and sister Oni and Kip and their tragic journey to Earth.

Ormus King 9 – View here
Unstoppable Fire / Launchpad Israel / Rain Come Down
– The ultimate redemption is from ignorance.
– An incredible opportunity for redemption arises as a horrifying plot to propel Earth into a new dark age emerges.
Creation period: September – October 2019
Creation location: Goldsborough Valley, Queensland, Australia
Presented on my future-secured blog.
Ultimate hero: Jai Shimon / God
Notes: Jai Shimon becomes the messiah as the children of Israel congregate for the opening of the third temple and a battle ensues in the Garden of Eden.



Boron vs BarryView here
Creation period: March – May 2020
Creation location: Tasmania + Melbourne + Mount Buller
Presented on my future-secured blog.
Ultimate hero: Adrian Boron
– Various notes, ideas and pictures mostly relating to Adrian Boron and Andy Barry (a mysterious nemesis character.)

– note title: Ormus King 4: The Resurrection

– note Adrian Boron’s forced blood draw and subsequent injection: